Our story is very simple.We are a small, family company located in Serbia. We decided to start our own business which is based on knitting blankets, scarfs and other products made from wool.
We create an imaginary world, where the big stitches from merino wool do their own magic. We have called that world Woolnia.

Our company does something different; something original, unique and special, and above all 100% natural. We make the products using only the finest merino wool, our own hands and creativity.

Our company has no long history, but we want to create it. That’s why we work hard, hoping that you will recognize our quality.

Why do we use 100% merino wool?
First of all, because we believe that merino wool deserves to be used.
We have decided to introduce you to a warm and nice way, in an original way; the WOOLNIA way.
From 100% merino wool, taken from nature, we create things that will awaken your senses. All of our sincerest feelings have been translated, with bare hands, into a blanket. That’s how we knit senses.

Why our products?
Because they are made with love and total commitment. We accept nothing less than perfection. They tell our story.

Merino wool

The first association of wool is tenderness, warmth, sophistication, luxury…but how do our wool products differ from the others? First of all, because ours are hand-made, we use only 100% wool, measuring 19 micrometers, which comes from the merino sheep, which is grown only on the Australian continent and to some extent, in some South American countries.

Merino wool is notorious for being the finest wool. Its fineness ranging from 16 to 23.5 microns (for comparison, human hair is about 30 micrometers).

What are the properties of merino wool, which are different from ordinary wool?
Merino wool has a natural feature which regulates the air temperature. With products created from merino wool, you’ll never be cold or too warm. Good adhesion to the body, and does not cause allergies and allows skin to breathe. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties and resistance to odors, as well as natural UV protection.
Products made from100% merino wool never cause an uneasy feeling of “scratching” on the skin.